“Welcome to The Denturist Group of Ontario’s Website. The DGO and Your Smile – A Perfect Fit!

If you are considering replacing one or more missing teeth to improve your smile, be able to eat again, gain confidence and make life more enjoyable overall, visiting one of our local DGO Member Professional Denturists can enhance your smile and eating pleasure.

The DGO or Denturist Group of Ontario is an association whose members are accredited denturist professionals and work across Ontario to help patients like you.

DGO Member Denturists are independent healthcare professionals, who are licensed and have been trained to provide the public with professionally fitted dentures and alternative options. DGO Member Denturists provide personal care with their caring teams, who often speak multiple languages. They provide quality dental work ranging from consultation, check-ups, and advise on suitable and affordable treatment options. DGO Denturists Members can provide custom lab fabricated dentures and can ensure a proper fitting of your removable denture prosthetics, so that you can enjoy a beautiful smile and a better lifestyle. Our member Denturists can be contacted directly by the public without needing a referral from a dentist. We welcome you to use the search tool to find your local DGO denturist professional.