Denture Repairs & Relines

Dentures need relining or repairing from time to time. Dentures can crack, teeth can break, repairs can be done usually on the same day. Relines are done when the gums in the mouth shrink, your gums are constantly shrinking all the time. After an immediate denture, there is always massive shrinkage causing your denture to be ill fitting. The same occurs after 5 or 6 years of wearing your denture, a reline is needed. Your Denturist will take the necessary impressions for a reline or repair and make your denture fit and function like new again. Read More

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are recommended when you are missing some of your natural teeth. The Denturist will create an appliance that fills in all the missing spaces in your mouth and attaches to your natural teeth for support. The result is a beautiful natural smile while retaining some of your natural teeth. Read More

Implant supported dentures

Dentures supported by implants can greatly increase the stability of your dentures .Your Denturist can provide you with all the necessary information for this procedure. Patients need to have enough bone in their jaws before they proceed, this will be determined by the Oral surgeon or Dentist. Read More

Immediate dentures

An immediate denture is fabricated by the Denturist prior to the removal of natural teeth. The Denturist works in conjunction with the Dentist to assist patients in obtaining dentures that will help the patient continue to enjoy eating and speaking. It will also assist in supporting lips and cheeks in order for the patient to enjoy his/her social and business life. The immediate denture will also act as a bandage to reduce bleeding and protect the gums from trauma from eating food on teeth on the opposing arch. The Dentist, (or Denturist) will insert the denture immediately after the removal... Read More

Denture soft liners

Soft and spongy material that is placed on the inner surface of the removable appliance which provides cushioning and comfort on sore or sensitive gums. Read More

Complete dentures

When all your teeth are missing on the top or bottom arch. Read More

Cleaning your dentures

It’s important to learn how to clean your dentures and your Denturist is there to assist in every step of the way. Read More

Athletic sports mouth guards

Denturists can provide you with a variety of options for mouth guards to protect your teeth during all types of sports or physical activities. Also, snoring devices can be made to suit your needs after consultation from a Doctor. Read More

Check-ups and Maintenance

It’s good to visit your Denturist for a checkup once a year .The Denturist will check your dentures and condition of your gums and tissues. They will advise you if there are any cracks or fractures that can cause a poor fit in your dentures, see if you are cleaning them properly and make sure there are no sores or cuts in the mouth that can cause you harm in the future. Read More

Why choose a denturist

Someone once coined the phrase, “the bitterness of poor quality long outlasts the sweetness of cheap price”. In the past it may have been said that you’d go to the Dentist for your denture, and that a Denturist was really just a Dental Technician with inferior training. Although a Dentist has four years training in all aspects of dentistry, including denture (which by the way is a small component) Dentists have very little involvement educationally or in practice with the fabrication of dentures. This is why  – you should always seek a Denturist first with any denture need.  The Denturist spends... Read More