What will the dentures cost me and why do prices vary so much?  Patients ask these questions all the time.  Any Denturist will need to do a full exam for the patient and develop alternative treatment plans to determine costs.  This is the main reason why getting a quote over the phone is really irresponsible on behalf of the Denturist, but also unrealistic for the patient to ask for.  It would be like asking how much a house costs without ever seeing it or the location.

All Denturists are members of an association and as such they really should be following a fee guide.  If you see dentures priced for a significantly lower cost, “than there is a catch”, remember you get what you pay for, always cost will vary due to treatment plan types.  For instance a complete denture is usually less cost than a partial denture with a cast metal frame.

Implant supported dentures will always cost the most because they involve surgery and very costly mechanical components that will secure the denture to the jaw.

Generally speaking the more you spend the more the final product will feel natural and function more like real teeth.

Costs also involve materials and Denturist time or technique involved.  Always remember like any other product and or service, you will pay costs for”time and materials”.

In fact historically in Dentistry the price of dentures has increased the least of all other dental procedures.

Another factor involved in cost is patient care, especially in cases where extractions and or implants were placed.  During healing the Denturist will be accommodating a temporary fit for the patient or regularly examining the tissue to ensure that all is on course.  Remembering that time is money and the expertise of the Denturist and their care for you requires compensation.