Insurance plans

Insurance plans are a financial device put in place by employers or other agents that allow a patient to receive monetary compensation for dental work being provided.

The patient must remember that the insurance is a contract between themselves and the insurer.  It is recommended that the patient has an estimate or predetermination of benefits extended by the insurer if they are counting on the insurer to pay towards the dental procedure.

Usually the Denturist will see the patient to determine what is needed or the best treatment option; the costs are always disclosed upfront, and the insurer is notified by EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), email or regular mail.  Once the insurance responds with an acceptance to pay or denial of payment, then the patient will know exactly what their out of pocket expense costs will be.

Unfortunately we live in a society where the public has become somewhat desensitized to paying for health services and many patients will avoid treatment because they allow the insurance company plan to dictate the quantity and quality of service they can receive.

A patient must take responsibility for their own health oral or otherwise.  Insurance plans are great if you have one supplied by your employer, but if you are a denture wearer or “one soon to be”, then the best insurance plan is yourself, usually the cost of monthly premiums and what the insurers are willing to pay out in the end is less than what it would cost you if you just saved a little more money every month and socked it away as a denture fund.