What is a denturist

A Denturist is a health care professional in the dental field who is a specialist at servicing patients in the fitting and fabrication of dentures (dental appliances) which includes full dentures, partial dentures, implant supported dentures; both fixed and detachable (removable).  Also a Denturist’s scope of practice involves the fabrication and fitting of anti-snoring appliances, mouth guards, night guards and bleaching of natural teeth (for whitening).

Denturists have extensive training in both the clinical and laboratory setting to be the person of choice to fabricate and dispense a denture appliance.

Denturism is a regulated health profession by the Ministry of Health in Ontario similar and held to the same standards as any other health care provider included but not limited to, Chiropractors, Optometrist, Dentist and Family Physicians.

A Denturist will allow the public to directly engage with the person making the appliance for the patient, and the benefits are obvious.  The fit and esthetic information is all first hand from the patient directly to the practitioner.  The ability of the Denturist to have an in-house lab allows much timelier service as well as a more personal and cost effective one.

Denturists are the first and really the best choice for you if you need any denture, and they work closely with other Dental professionals including Dentists, Oral Surgeons, and Hygienists and Family Physicians to provide the patient with diligent and thorough care.