What to expect in a exam

During your exam you should expect that the Denturist or staff will take a full history of your health situation, quite often if you are taking many medications a call will be put into your family physician.

The Denturist will exam your oral cavity, lips, all soft tissues and your jaw joint TMJ. Your tongue will be examined and your existing teeth will be examined and probed.

It is the Denturist’s responsibility to advise the patient of the several different scenarios that could be achieved by providing different treatment plans, the Denturist will often times refer the patient to a Dentist to have a more detailed opinion on teeth that they may like to see the patient keep. (in the case of partial denture fabrication)

Quite often the Denturist may want to take impressions to create “study models” so that after having viewed these models the Denturist can have the patient back for a secondary consultation and to discuss what other option may be available to the patient.

Patients are always encouraged to ask questions, it is the Denturist strength to educate and spend the necessary amount of time with the patient, so that all options are understood by the patient.

Patients must remember that there are “no stupid questions”, most anxiety felt by patients is due to the unknown, and so going over possible scenarios will help to put patients at ease.

As a Denturist it is also important that at the exam when dealing with patients that have never worn dentures, that the patient is educated on the change in lifestyle they are about to embark on……and as the patient it is important to ask questions.

Always the patient should keep in mind that the Denturist has probably been involved in thousands of denture procedures and will be a “well of information” to you as to the how’s and whys, as well as the do’s and don’ts.

So don’t be shy, ask away! Most Denturists usually allot 30-60 minutes for consultation/exam, and during that time they will want to inform you as much as possible to make the right decisions.